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"Janet Gino has broken the barriers in communication. She understands visual images, words, hand movements, body language and how symbols react on different audiences to produce different results. What makes one group happy can distress another. If you want to create communications that simply convey your message, then Janet Gino offers this unique skill set that can unify your workforce with a simplicity built from analysis of complexities."
     Sue Guthrie, Managing Director, WordLink (England)
“I wanted to thank you for the stimulating workshop you conducted with the Korean educators. This field was completely new to them and a real eye-opener. You are a real model for them.”
   Jeanette Hershman, Course Manager,
   Mount Carmel Training Center (Israel)
"The course that you provide in our community center is unique since it is addresses the child’s ability to "read" an image, and as a result, find it easier to read and comprehend texts. This method of teaching is not usually practiced [taught] in school where the child is being taught to read in an automatic manner without really decoding the imagery behind the text. Your course contributed to me as a teacher and contributed to the students themselves. Thanks to your course I am beginning to feel that there is a change and progress (slow but noticeable) in the reading process itself, in understanding text, in developing critical-thinking skills, and in using the imagination. I wish you continued success in this area. The group and I have enjoyed working with you very much."
     Shlavi Ahalam, Ramot Remez Community Center (Israel)
“Last year Tanzania was announced among 10 best countries for investment reforms. Regarding the perception of participants in the workshop, there is no doubt that most participants enjoyed the subject matter. This was because the subject is a new phenomenon in Tanzania but yet very easy subject to grasp. Visual communication occupies more than 75% of our daily life. The subject matter was well perceived by participants, and they still use the knowledge in real life. Me, personally, I apply it very often, especially the creative thinking skills.”
   Beatrice Chonjo, Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Director of Administration and Finance (Tanzania)

"The seminar was a real eye opener. The concept of small businesses reaching out to the customers as opposed to the customers coming to you, made the participants realise that the target market can be expanded easily if only one looks at the various ways in which products can be marketed."
   Susan Njoba,
   Manager-Corporate Services,
   Investment Promotion Centre (Kenya)

“Janet led an educational project for teenage girls. The project was very successful due to her dedication and perseverance. Janet has excellent interpersonal skills. She is an effective communicator, professional, and creative.”
   Tami Isokov, Coordinator, Alternative Learning Activities for Youth
   from the Ural Mountains, FSU (Israel)

“I wanted to congratulate you on the excellent session that you facilitated for our delegates. They seemed to enjoy and benefit from it. Your ratings in the delegate feedback were outstanding — well done.”
   Wendy Kahn, Coordinator, He’atid (South Africa)
“Our students keep talking and asking about you. Many of them have progressed in their ventures and others have picked up new high paying jobs after your training. You really passed your marketing skills to them and they will never forget.”
   James Achanyi-Fontem, President,
   Cameroon Link (Cameroon)

“We were very pleased that your lecture about ‘Visual Literacy’ was so similar to our early childhood education in Korea. Thank you for your passionate lecture.”
   Han Kyung-Ja, President of Kindergarten of Korea United Association (Korea)

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